E-Commerce and Database Solutions

E-Commerce And Database Management

Capture The Online Market

Centurion Systems is highly experienced in crafting hand-made e-commerce web experiences for our enterprise clients. From boutique stores to entirely web-based service providers, Centurion Systems specializes in creating the unique solutions that will help you grow your business. Our design team will construct an elegant web platform complete with a responsive shopping cart, integrated payment systems, email and live chat services.

All of our designs are created with search engine placement in mind and our team of agents are always ready to assist in the fine-tuning of your web platform to maximize your real-world sales. Search engines power the vast majority of the internet experience and it is essential that your platform be integrated into the placement matrix. We use in-house SEO analysis to boost sales, traffic and engagement for our clients, maximizing their return on investment in our services.

When growing your business your data grows with you and it can be a daunting task to keep track of it. Centurion systems offers a number of managed database solutions, from hands-off, self-managed options to a fully integrated, managed and monitored database system, to keep your business ahead of the curve and responsive to market trends. All Centurion database solutions are stored securely and remotely with data redundancy and disaster relief built into the architecture of every solution. Centurion Systems will determine your business needs, build your database solution and host it on a reliable and scalable platform, all you have to do is call today.

Dedicated Hosting
E-Commerce Design

Centurion designers build responsive, intuitive and flowing websites designed to catch the eye of online customers and boost sales

Shared Hosting
Payment Integration

With Centurion Systems all online payment options are supported and any sales platform can be integrated into your architecture

Cloud Hosting
Online Shopping

The online shopping platform that Centurion Systems creates is an intuitive and seamless experience that will streamline your site

Dedicated Hosting
Live Chat

Constant customer contact and support is essential to online business, Centurion can provide integrated live chat systems

Shared Hosting
SEO Analysis

Centurion Systems uses in-house SEO analysis tools to increase traffic and improve client rankings in all popular search engines

Cloud Hosting
Data Storage

Centurion Systems has been constructing database architecture for over 15 years and is an industry leader in database management

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